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Fran Bow Game Review (Alpha) Part 1

Mysterious Creature of DOOM! (dundundun)

So, earlier, I also talked about this stranger danger looking dude who will try to be a pebble in your shoe (do not laugh, I am asian and grew up in an asian household, we have all these sayings which I am not ashamed to say, I still say to people). I have only seen him twice in the game, but I am pretty sure we will see him many times when the game is complete. I do not even know if he is real or not since Fran saw him for the first time before she even took the pill. The second time I saw him made me jump though. As I said before, this guy is really hooking me in the game too.

At least he is smiling.???

Interacting and Memorable NPCs

I really appreciate the fact you can interact with pretty much everything in the rooms unlike many point and click where you usually can only interact with mostly key items and a dash of misc. You can also use the items you collect on people you meet in the game. I tried using the hook on this poor little boy and he thought I was gonna hack him with it. I do not know why but it made me laugh guiltily. As for the NPCs. I enjoy meeting them, especially the other kids. I found them memorable with their interesting personalities. I especially like the little girl who reminded me of a drug dealer when she told me she can sell magical stuff wink wink. I have yet to talk to a creature though, when I tried talking to the creatures in BAR, Fran might as well be talking to a wall. Maybe they do not see me yet.

They start dealing so young these days :O. She is my favorite character because after, if you talk to her again, she is a bit of a bad girl.