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Fran Bow Game Review (Alpha)

Combining and Mini Games

Many of the puzzles can be solved just by using the pill alone. You also have to combine the items you find in both real reality and the alternate one. The devs will also be implementing mini games that will remind you of the old classics we used to play back in the day. I think the mini games role is more for story progression than just for fun. I’m not sure yet on that though.

What a clever way to do a how to for the players.

Final Verdict

Is I’ve said before, I was really pleasantly surprised with this game. It did satisfy the aspects I’ve been looking for in a horror game which personally made me happy and excited. The artstyle and music are gorgeous and can really deliver the reaction they want the players to have, the storyline is interesting, and it seems like the devs wanted to bring something unique with their point and click by implementing the classic type of mini games. Personally, I would totally recommend this, especially to those who love horror (not thriller) games. If ya like games with the feel of silent hill, amnesia, and even fatal frame, this might suite you.

Like many indie devs, they also need the money to pretty much survive. Since they put most of their time in the games they are developing, a full time job is hard to handle, therefor, they either go unemployed or go on part time jobs where the pay is not enough to cover their living expenses. So the money isn’t just going for the games they’re developing, it will also feed them and keep them from pretty much going hobo mode. This will also enable them to develop the game faster but do not worry, it seems like they don’t want to rush it so I am pretty sure they are going to do everything in a proper manner.