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To The Moon Game Review Part 1

First Impression and Gameplay

This game had many qualities that gave a sense of nostalgia. It kept making me think how this game was like my favorite JRPGs I used to play. It is not even because of how the game looks, and story wise, it is not really like the old games that I loved. I guess the best way to describe it is by saying the game exudes a classic jrpg feeling. The classics that gave our childhood some awesome and memorable gaming experience in terms of story and depth. Personally, for me to feel those things towards a game again, it made me smile and really look forward to getting deeper into the game. For me, it is a whole new adventure yet at the same time, in a way, it is also a beloved familiar territory so to speak (if that makes sense).

Artstyle and Music

Graphically it has 2D sprite art style  similar to Chrono Trigger. The game also has a beautiful soundtrack, especially the piano pieces which I really love. The music also really brought out the emotions during certain scenes. Drats, I really want to use this one scene as an example but it can be a spoiler!


The game started in a funny note, in the beginning however, I didn’t exactly know if the game was fantasy or  sci-fi until a little bit later.

Here is the plot in a nutshell: There are two main characters and their job is to grant the wishes of the dying by going into their memory. The wishes can be anything such as: being a famous celebrity, being rich, etc. However, before they can grant it, as well as to see if it is possible; they have to go through the memories of the person. This is where your adventure starts off. I won’t give anymore detail so that no spoilers will be told, but let me assure you, it really is an interesting concept. Also, I found myself really gripped by the story as I progressed into the game. The game kept poking my curiosity by  throwing me scenarios where it constantly made me ask myself, why did that happen? what does it mean? and all that jazz. However, I started to have a creeping feeling, that even though there were a lot of funny scenes in the story, the game will eventually throw something at me that would make me feel well, I’ll leave it for you guys to find out. Great story though that is for sure.

I am diggin that timeline tracker up top.