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To The Moon Game Review Part 2

Story Branching

The game’s storyline doesn’t have branches or different paths/ending like, lets say, the game Chrono Cross. So even if you choose differently, in the end, you’ll get the same conclusion. I’m writing about this because I know many of you guys like this kind of thing (especially after mass effect and dragon age popularized it) and I’ve seen people snub games for simply lacking this. I personally dont think its a bad thing if the story is great. I mean there are many RPGs out there that were set up this way and it did not ruin the game one bit and it’s still replayable. At the end of the day, with games like this, it’s all about the story so I hope the no branching doesn’t make you turn away from the game because you’d be missing out on a wonderful story of famous writer.

Decisions: It would be wise to save

As I mentioned, the game does not branch, but still, it would be wise to save before you make a decision. ┬áSometimes the option you choose will direct you to certain mini quests which can show you some funny scenes as well as other interesting ones . Sometimes it just show you some witty dialogue and redirect you to the right option. Either way its best to save so you won’t miss out on some interesting scenes and clues.

Characters and Dialogue

I really love the main characters in the game because they’re impressionable, even the NPCs were as well. I think you guys know what I mean by this. We sometimes see NPCs and even key characters receive very bland personas that you eventually even forget they were in the game. Its understandable of course, because in a way they’re like filler characters and sometimes games like to focus only on the mains. Here, there were many characters that I only got to interact with for very little time and I still remember my interaction with them. This may be something subtle and may not even be a big deal to other people but I think it gives the game more depth. The two main characters are:

Aaaand you will know about this in the next post!