To The Moon Game, VideoGames Review

To The Moon Game Review Part 3

So, the two main characters are:

Dr. Rosalene:

Shes bossy but the most sensitive towards other people’s feelings between the two (except towards Dr. Watts feelings which I do not blame her for)

She is helping contribute to future tooth decay for the kiddies

Dr. Watts:

The complaining and smart one that makes me want to pimp slap him sometimes (like I said, I do not blame Dr. Roselene)

This dude complains a LOT

I love seeing those two banter because they say the funniest things. The game does have witty and humorous dialogue which you readers might enjoy. That is why I mentioned for you all to save before making decisions otherwise you may end up missing out on seeing scenes with entertaining dialogues. I especially like this one:

And I thought I was the only one that loves IKEA furniture

Search for clues Type of Feature

The game has a search for clues feature where you basically run around trying to find the items you need in order to progress in the game.

Final Verdict

I think To The Moon is one of those RPGs that I can consider a gem. I finally checked out what others are saying about the game, and I found many of them thanking the developers for bringing them this game! Even though I mentioned the game makes me feel nostalgic of the old favorites I used to play, it is still a unique experience and can stand on its own in terms of story and the emotions this game brings to the players. Along with characters that brings a good sense of balance in terms of humor and witty dialogue, this is a game I really would recommend for everyone.

Thank you for reading this review! I hope you like it and will play the game!